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ORIGINAL FIC: For Lord and Land, by Delilah deSora Jan. 31st, 2006 @ 03:23 am
Fandom: Original
Author: Delilah deSora
Title: For Lord and Land

Rating: Adult content
Pairing: Original characters
Status: Finished, working on sequels.
Warnings: Explicit sex scenes, violence
Who chose to rec it: naatz

Summary by writer (if not, the reccer will write): What would you sacrifice to protect the people around you?
What pain would you endure to save a child you may never meet?
What lengths would you travel to save your country?
How far would you fall to protect your friends?

What would you do for lord and land?


Excerpt under cut: HERECollapse )


Why does the reccer think everybody should read it?: This story is very rich in details of the world and the characters. The main characters are Dante Kaemon, a knight of the Emperor's, and Ardel Aidan, the Emperor of Ardae.

The setting is very simple: The Knights are sent to find a certain man, whom the Emperor wishes to see. This man is a descendant of the Llyr family of Aquilae, a conquered land, who can control water and breathe in it. He is to be brought to -- do what? The Ardaens hate water, seeing as they live in a desert. Ardel, along with his control over the fire element, suffers from a hereditary disease: Madness of the Dragon. Only the touch of the Leviathan can bunk the flames of madness. Dante, discovered as the Leviathan -- man who can control the water element -- is to become dead to the world and serve his Lord in a new way: sex. Will his resolution to protect his lord live, or will he break free?

The supporting characters are terrific. There are motives, plots, development. The world has a history, and even a timeline of past Leviathans and Emperors. The consequences of a man once used to hard physical exertion then locked in a set of rooms echoes throughout the entire story, as does stripping Dante of his last name, Kaemon, and dubbing him a Llyr. The history of the mythological beasts and how they were slain in order to gain power is explained in detail. At the beginning of chapters, there is a declaration of servitude, journal entries of past Leviathans, and sayings of people that show us how to look at Ardae, the Emperors, the Leviathans, the military forces and even the factions there.

If you're looking for a world rich with details, good characterization and consideration of past events, this is the story for you.

What's the bad point of the story?: At the beginning, there's a small amount of info-dump. It's not very bad, but it could be skipped -- the entire history can be understood by reading the beginning of each chapter and reading the rest of the chapter, not the info-dumps. Some mistakes in phrasing, punctuation and more rarely spelling {pretty rare, all three, but still with enough presence to notice at times} can be found. However, it doesn't mean the story isn't worth reading!

Rating for the story: 4.5 -- very good, with only slight style marring problems.

PS- There's a lot of smut. For better or worse.


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Dec. 12th, 2005 @ 04:02 pm
Welcome to Bento. Here you will find a variety of recommended
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